I am excited about using technology to solve real, interesting, valuable problems. I love programming for the puzzle, the combination of creativity and logic, and the jubilation when you’ve built something useful that works!

My programming journey started in middle school, when I became fascinated by the possibilities of websites and made one of my own (Geocities, naturally… EnchantedForest, if you were wondering). There were sparkly animated star gifs and MIDIs, and Early Teen Me thought it was about the coolest thing ever.

Fast forward a few years and I got my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I have worked in various roles in the software industry (development, technical writer, support) and am now returning to development. I’m adept at learning new technologies quickly. Indeed, learning new things on a daily basis makes my world go round!

Other loves and interests include the great outdoors, ripping good yarns, and the music of Stan Rogers. Also, cheese: the runnier and stinkier, the better.